Opening Times
What is the point of these words?
The whole point of the "twisted words" is to prevent machines (other computers) from abusing our email form to send us email
We all hate to receive unsolicited email and the use of a Captcha (or reCaptcha) is one way of combating this because it :
  • Hides our email address from programs that can "read" web pages
  • Stops computers automatically filling out our contact form hundreds of times

How does this help?
By using the "twisted words", which are actually pictures of words, computers cannot (currently!) read them, but the human brain is usually capable of deciphering the images and so meeting the challenge set.
It therefore implies that if you can read the image of the word correctly then you must be human!
Why reCaptcha?
Rather than just get you to work out a random word and then discard it, we use words from the reCaptcha project that is helping to decipher old books that have been scanned.
Scanning produces an image (picture) of the book, but that takes up a lot of space and is not easily searchable.
The images are processed by OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which actually tries to work out what the letters are on an image and then convert them into a document that can be stored and searched.
Because these are computer programs, they do fail on words (which is why this "anti spam" method works in the first place!) and so we get these words presented as a "twisted word" to decipher. See this link for more information
We apologise for having to put you through this, but at least your efforts are not being wasted and there is something useful to come out of it (other than talking to us!).